Game of Thrones - I supervised all of the CG art assets for several sequences in Game of Thrones for integration into live-action sets.

Game of Thrones - Final shot.

Game of Thrones - Another set.

Game of Thrones - Final shot.

Game of Thrones - Top of the ice wall set.

Game of Thrones - And the final shot.

All is Lost - Storm sequences were shot with Robert Redford in a wave tank in Mexico.

All is Lost - I supervised the asset production of the CG boat which were used in the capsize shots.

After Earth - Helicopters shot locations in Iceland that we would later populate with sci-fi structures.

After Earth - I designed the space elevator facilities and supervised the production of all CG assets.

After Earth - The live-action set for the boarding platform only featured a few physical cues for us to match.

After Earth - The final shot. You can see just how small the live-action set is as compared to the rest of the scene.

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