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People Can Fly, Toronto, ON — Asset Lead 2022 - Present

● Manage team in the creation of art assets for the entirety of the project.

● Ensure asset technical and aesthetic compatibility across Art, Design, Engineering, and Animation departments.

● Maintain open communication between Asset Art and other studio departments.

● Work with Art Director to develop visual style and communicate ADs vision to the asset team.

● Provide technical and aesthetic feedback to the asset team through dailies and individual reviews.

Arkane Studios, Austin, TX— Lead Artist 2013 - 2021

● Managed design and production of weapon, robot, and mechanical art.

● Directed outsource teams for weapons and mechanical art.

● Concept and design for weapons and robots.

● Ensured asset functionality across Art, Design, Engineering, and VFX departments.

Spin VFX, Toronto, ON — Asset Supervisor 2012 - 2013

● Art directed and supervised 3D Department for numerous film and television projects.

● Managed outsource artists

● Communicated a cohesive visual direction between 3D team, client studios and directors.

● Coordinated 3D with Look Development and Simulation Engineering departments.

● Communicated Digital VFX integration on set to live action crew.


Digital Domain, Los Angeles, CA — Senior CG Artist 2008 - 2012 (contract)

● Responsible for Look Development and asset creation for numerous film and pitch projects.

● Mentored new talent for procedural and pipeline integration.

● Worked with film director to translate directorial vision to CG assets.


Luma Pictures, Los Angeles, CA — Senior CG Artist 2007 - 2008 (contract)

● Responsible for Look Development and asset creation for numerous film projects.

● Matte painting and live action integration of digital set extensions.

● Lighting and rendering of CG elements for live action composites.


Cafe FX, Santa Maria, CA — CG Artist / Generalist 2006 - 2007 (contract)

● Sculpted and painted CG terrain and architecture for feature film.

● Creation of additional CG elements for action sequences.


Giant Killer Robots, San Francisco, CA — CG Artist / Generalist 2005 - 2006 (contract)

● Match modeled, and textured CG set extensions for feature film.

● Groomed, lit and rendered creature for commercial spot.


EA (Headquarters), Redwood Shores, CA — Senior Environment Artist 2005 (contract)

● Pipeline integration of outsourced assets for open-world game.

● Assembled complex streaming neighborhoods and landscapes for open-world game.


Double Fine Productions, San Francisco, CA — Senior Environment Artist 2003 - 2004

● Designed and built environments for 3D adventure / platforming game.

● Teamed up with engineering to design in-game puzzles.


Ubisoft (Red Storm), Raleigh, NC — Lead / Senior Environment Artist 1996 - 2003

● Led environment team on both a science fiction and military action / strategy game. ● Designed and built and lit environments for numerous military action / strategy games.






Substance Designer / Painter

After Effects




VES Award for Outstanding Created Environment in a Commercial or Broadcast Program Game of Thrones (2011) “The Ice Climb”



Against the Sun - Asset Supervisor

Pompeii - Asset Supervisor

The Signal - Asset Supervisor

All is Lost - Asset Supervisor

After Earth - Asset Supervisor

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt II - Asset Supervisor

Resident Evil: Retribution - Asset Supervisor

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Asset Supervisor

Game of Thrones - Asset Supervisor

The Borgias - Asset Supervisor

Paradise Lost Feature Pitch - Senior CG Artist

The Dark Tower Feature Pitch - Senior CG Artist

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - Senior CG Artist

Tron: Legacy - Senior CG Artist

Ender’s Game Feature Pitch - Senior CG Artist

X-Men: First Class - Senior CG Artist

Real Steel - Senior CG Artist

The A-Team - Senior CG Artist

City of Ember - Senior CG Artist

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Senior CG Artist

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - Senior CG Artist

The Ugly Truth - Senior CG Artist

The Kite Runner - CG Env Sculptor / Generalist

Spider-Man 3 - CG Env Artist / Generalist

Happy Feet / Persil Commercial Spot - Creature Grooming, Lighter / CG Generalist



Redfall - Lead Artist

Prey - Lead Artist / Env Artist

The Godfather: The Game - Senior Env Artist

Psychonauts - Senior Env Artist / Designer

Rainbow Six 3 - Lead Env Artist

Ghost Recon - Senior Env Artist

Freedom: First Resistance - Lead Env Artist

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear - Env Artist

Rainbow Six Mission Pack - Env Artist

Rainbow Six - Env Artist

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